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How to Convince Anyone To Do Whatever You Want

The technique I’m going to tell about here is quite advanced, and can be delivered through either the spoken or written word. You have almost certainly been subject to it yourself, without even realising it!

Just before I go into the details, I’d like to summarise the kind of situations these powerful psychological methods are most commonly used for. They include... [read more]

How To Attract Anyone You Want With Three Simple Sentences

Today I’m going to show you how to make someone you desire feel more attracted to you simply by talking to them in a particular way.

To do this, I’m going to show you three specific sentences to use immediately to covertly and powerfully persuade someone to be drawn to you... [read more]

How To Be Successful In Any Job Interview

Keep reading. I’m about to show you how to gain control over an interviewer or panel at a job interview, and leave the room making them desperate to hire YOU.

What I’m about to reveal with actual phrases you can learn and use straight away isn’t going to be quite like anything you have seen before about getting through job interviews. This is a proven method of persuasion that, once mastered, can take you from the penny-pinching job you hate to the lucrative cash-machine job you love... [read more]

How To Instantly Bond With Anyone And Put Them Under Your Persuasive Spell

This method is used by the most powerful persuaders in the world. It can be learned quickly and implemented immediately, and if you choose to learn more about this and other persuasion methods, the possibilities are endless.

I warn you now that this method is covert. The people you release this on will not realise what you are doing. They will feel inclined to obey you, but not be able to explain why... [read more]